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Figure 2

From: Translational theranostic methodology for diagnostic imaging and the concomitant treatment of malignant solid tumors

Figure 2

Common carotid artery blood plasma Gd concentration curves over approximately 10 hours following 1 minute bolus intravenous infusion of Gd-DTPA dendrimer generations G5 through G8 at doses of 0.09 mmol Gd/kg body weight (bw). Estimation of theranostic nanoparticle blood half-lives are determined via DC-E MRI-based analysis by the selection of 5-to-10 voxels free from blood flow and partial volume averaging effects in a blood vessel of large caliber, the common carotid artery (CCA). Of note, different sets of 5-to10 voxels selected for each time point with censoring of aberrant T 1 values as necessary. Rodent subject n: Gd-G5 (n = 6), Gd-G6 (n = 6), Gd-G7 (n = 5) and Gd-G8 (n = 5). Adapted from reference [29]. A) Gd-G5, B) Gd-G6, C) Gd-G7, D) Gd-G8.

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