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Figure 4 | Neurovascular Imaging

Figure 4

From: Translational theranostic methodology for diagnostic imaging and the concomitant treatment of malignant solid tumors

Figure 4

T 1 -weighted dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI Gd voxel-by-voxel Gd concentration maps of Gd-dendrimer distribution over time within small orthotopic RG-2 malignant brain tumors. The volume, in mm3, for each small orthotopic RG-2 glioma: Gd-G1, 27; Gd-G2, 28; Gd-G3, 19; lowly conjugated (LC) Gd-G4, 24; standard Gd-G4, 17; Gd-G5, 18; Gd-G6, 22; Gd-G7, 24; and Gd-G8, 107. Respective Gd-dendrimer generations administered intravenously over 1 minute at a Gd dose of 0.09 mmol Gd/kg animal body weight. Scale from 0 mM [Gd] to 0.1 mM [Gd]. Adapted from references [3,8,28].

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