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Figure 7

From: Translational theranostic methodology for diagnostic imaging and the concomitant treatment of malignant solid tumors

Figure 7

Orthotopic and ectopic RG-2 malignant glioma tumor tissue Gd concentration cures over 10 hours following 1 minute bolus intravenous infusion of Gd-DTPA dendrimer generations G5 through G8 at doses of 0.09 mmol Gd/kg body weight (bw). Orthotopic and ectopic RG-2 malignant solid tumor tissue concentration curves of intra-cranial caudate nucleus tumors (average volume ~100 mm3) and contralateral extra-cranial temporalis muscle tumors (average volume ~150 mm3) grown in the same rodent subjects. The Gd concentration values of free moving rodent subjects in-between scans represent whole tumor average Gd concentrations determined on the basis of co-registered tumor slice volume region-of-interest values for entire tumor volumes and not voxel-by-voxel. Shown is the best fit curve by least squares minimization. Orthotopic n: Gd-G5 (n = 6), Gd-G6 (n = 6), Gd-G7 (n = 5) and Gd-G8 (n = 5); Ectopic n: Gd-G5 (n = 6), Gd-G6 (n = 6), Gd-G7 (n = 5) and Gd-G8 (n = 5). Adapted from reference [8,29]. A) Gd-G5 Orthotopic RG-2 tumor, B) Gd-G6 Orthotopic RG-2 tumor, C) Gd-G7 Orthotopic RG-2 tumor, D) Gd-G8 Orthotopic RG-2 tumor, E) Gd-G5 Ectopic RG-2 tumor, F) Gd-G6 Ectopic RG-2 tumor, G) Gd-G7 Ectopic RG-2 tumor, H) Gd-G8 Ectopic RG-2 tumor.

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