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Fig. 2

From: Review on treatment of craniocervical soft tissues arterovenous malformations and hemangiomas

Fig. 2

29-year old female presenting with a venous malformation of the left malar region. a Post-contrast T1-weighted sequence shows partial filling of the lesion with contrast material; (b) TRICKs sequence (MIP) mainly shows the venous drainage into the facial vein; (c) DSA images showing the procedure of percutaneous sclerotherapy; (d) At post-treatment follow up the lesion shows a reduced enhancement on post-contrast T1-weighted images; (e) Follow-up after a new sclerotherapy session: the lesion does not show any central filling, with a peripheral hyperenhancement due to reactive hyperemia (post-contrast T1-weighted images, subtraction tecnique); (f) Late post-treatment follow-up with CT: the lesion has markedly reduced in size and shows internal calcified foci, probably related to residual phleboliths

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