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Table 1 Characterization of the Seven AVM Subjects. This table indicates the cohort demographics, AVM characteristics, presentation, treatment and follow-up. Yrs = years, F/U = follow-up, mo = months

From: The relationship of cortical folding and brain arteriovenous malformations

Subject Age (yrs) /Gender Grade Location Volume (cm3) Presentation Treatment F/U (mo) Outcome
RD02 46/M 4 Left Frontal 2.62 Incidental Radiation 0 N/A
RD03 40/M 3 Left Motor 16.6 Seizures Radiation 44 Response
RD04 43/M 3 Right Insular 11.5 Numbness Radiation 39 Response
RD05 22/F 3 Right Motor 3.77 Incidental None 0.1 N/A
RD06 47/M 4 Left Parietal 21.0 Headaches Radiation 5.5 Expired
RD07 56/F 2 Vermian 7.63 Incidental Surgery 18 Response
RD08 41/F 4 Right Temporal 37.4 Incidental None 19 Growth