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Fig. 2

From: An historical and contemporary review of endovascular therapy for acute ischemic stroke

Fig. 2

Illustrative cases of difficult patients pushing boundaries of conventional therapeutic criteria: Unclear time of onset. Twenty-nine year old male last seen normal at 4 am. Found the same day at 1 pm. Presents with right MCA syndrome with severe left sided weakness. NIHSS 8. ASPECTS 10 with hyperdense right MCA (a). CTA reveals right intracranial ICA and mid to distal M1 occlusion with good collaterals (b). Mismatch demonstrated on CT perfusion (c). IVT not given. EVT performed and successful recanalization 13 h 29 min post last seen well time (d). DWI confirmed right deep putamen infarct (e). Patient was discharged home on day 3 with NIHSS 0

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