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Fig. 10

From: Multimodality CT based imaging to determine clot characteristics and recanalization with intravenous tPA in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Fig. 10

68-year-old lady presented with acute left MCA syndrome with NIHSS score of 12 treated with IVT 103 min after symptoms onset after reviewing the NCCT. a. Axial NCCT at ganglionic level with ASPECTS of 10. b. Axial CTA, the yellow arrow points to distal M1-MCA occlusion. c. Axial CTA, the red arrow points to well-defined contrast permeation within the clot. df. Multiphase CTA MIP images, showing good collaterals with best arterial backfilling seen in phase 1. gh. Conventional cerebral angiogram performed immediately after IVT, the first intracranial run demonstrates a successful reperfusion (TICI 3) with IVT. i. Follow-up diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI), obtained 2 days later, shows shows small areas of restricted diffusion in the territory of the MCA. The patient 90 day mRS was zero

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