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Fig. 4

From: Multimodality CT based imaging to determine clot characteristics and recanalization with intravenous tPA in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Fig. 4

ASPECTS scoring scheme. The upper row demonstrates axial CT cuts of the ganglionic ASPECTS level (M1–M3, insula [I], lentiform nucleus [L], caudate nucleus [C], posterior limb of the internal capsule [IC]). The lower row demonstrates CT cuts of the supraganglionic ASPECTS level (M4–M6). As illustrated in the figure, the authors prefer to use cuts in the inferior orbitomeatal line (rather than superior orbitomeatal line). All axial cuts are reviewed for ASPECTS scoring. EIC in the caudate nucleus are scored in the ganglionic level (head of caudate) and supraganglionic level (body and tail of caudate). Adapted from Puetz et al. 2009 [47]

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