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Fig. 5

From: Multimodality CT based imaging to determine clot characteristics and recanalization with intravenous tPA in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Fig. 5

Illustration of CBS. a, A 10-point score is normal, implying absence of thrombus. Two points (as indicated) are subtracted for thrombus found on CTA in the supraclinoid ICA and each of the proximal and distal halves of the MCA trunk. One point is subtracted for thrombus found in the infraclinoid ICA and A1 segment and for each affected M2 branch. b, Occlusion of infra- and supraclinoid ICAs with a CBS of 7. c, Distal M1 and 2 M2 branch occlusions produce a CBS of 6. d, Occlusion of the terminal ICA, proximal M1, and A1, with a resultant CBS of 5. Adapted from Tan et al. 2009 [30]

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