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Table 1 Percentage of patients achieving successful early recanalization “TICI 2b/3” with IV tPA alone in the recent endovascular trials, evaluated during the first angiography run

From: Multimodality CT based imaging to determine clot characteristics and recanalization with intravenous tPA in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Trial Percentage of patients received IV tPA in control arm Percentage of patients received IV tPA in EVT arm Percentage of TICI 2b/3 in first angiography run
MR CLEAN 87.1% 90.6% no data available
ESCAPE 78.7% 72.7% 5%
EXTEND-IA 100% 100% 12%
SWIFT-PRIM 100% 100% 7%
REVASCAT 77.7% 68% 5%