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Fig. 6

From: Neurovascular 4DFlow MRI (Phase Contrast MRA): emerging clinical applications

Fig. 6

Left frontal lobe Arteriovenous Malformation. a 4D Flow Coronal MIP demonstrates an enlarged Left MCA opercular branch (red arrow) supplying a small frontal lobe AVM (circle) and a cortical draining vein (white arrow). b Streamline flow displayed in the coronal plane reveals preferential flow in the feeding artery (red arrow) and draining cortical vein (white arrow). c 4DFlow Axial MIP displaying the main arterial feeder (red arrow) and largest draining cortical vein (white arrow). d Quantitative 4D flow analysis (axial projection) reveals moderately elevated flow volume in the arterial feeder of 55 mL/min (measured at the red lined) and nearly matching venous outflow of 52 mL/min (measured at the blue line)

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